I’ve finally managed to test these products to the breaking point and this is what I’ve found living with these for a while.

AirPods vs EarPods

AirPods are a magic experience that don’t just simply just play music, they are very comfortable and super easy to use with any bluetooth device, if you have an Apple iPhone paired you get the use of Siri on a single tap on one of the AirBuds. This completes the magic experience and set’s the bar for the products.

EarPods are very basic, they have a cable connected that you can use to listen to music or speak to someone on the phone. These aren’t great for some of us that are active beings that spend heaps of time in the gym. I find the wires get in the way of what you’re doing and half the time they fall out compared to AirPods.

AirPods Pro

These are absolutely amazing for using at the gym! I now can peacefully listen to music without hearing the loud music or the sound of someone lifting weights far too heavy for me.

With a single hold and push on the AirBud it seamlessly mutes everything around you or you can have transparency mode which lets you hear what’s around you or have that awkward conversation in the office while fetching a drink.

AirPods Max

This product is fantastic, it’s everything you’d expect for the price you pay. the beautiful metal finish that cradles your ears to the memory foam that simply just comforts your ears into the music. This is a headphone on the market that’s absolutely awesome at catering to everyones needs, plus it’s not made with cheap materials like other headsets in that price range.

The sound is simply beautiful. Will give you an update in a months time.

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