Relationships are very complicated, especially when you get trapped into an emotionally abusive one.

I’ve finally gotten the courage to speak up and write my thoughts, it’s hard sometimes being trapped in your own mind with their words and thoughts trapping you into a relationship with the fear you aren’t good enough for anyone else and they are all you’ve got.

You fear eventually your own mind as their thoughts and words spiral around and you build your own opinion of yourself. You’re not good enough, you’re ugly, you’re too fat..
Why would anyone else love me?

You’re a better you today than yesterday.

You’re fantastic, You’re caring, You are loved, You have support, you’re unique and beautiful.

Other people do not have the right to tell you how you should live your life, if you want to wear your boots because you like them, Do it. If you want to draw something crazy on your face because it makes you happy, Do it. If you want to do that one thing that makes you stand out, Do it!

You’re unique and deserve to create your best self, Risk makes life interesting, Without risk or mistakes you’ll never learn. Don’t let your mistakes hold you back from being the person you inspire to be.

I’m no longer this lost boy trapped in my mind, I’m free.

Kia Kaha

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